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Our Facilities


Our facility is meticulously designed to provide residents with a secure and comfortable environment. With an array of services and amenities, we aim to cultivate a home-like atmosphere infused with a strong sense of community. Our offerings include spacious recreation rooms, a comfortable dining hall, and intimate family dining spaces.

Furthermore, The Hub, provides a social space crafted to encourage interaction and relaxation.

The Switch, our innovative container cafe, providing residents and their families with a unique venue to spend quality time together in a warm and inviting setting.

Facilities at Warramunda 

The Switch café offers an outdoor space for residents, families, and a staff retreat to create lasting memories.

The Switch

A versatile space for cooking, entertainment, birthdays, events, meetings, and private gatherings. Catering options, spacious verandah, easy parking, and convenient facilities provided.

The Hub

The exclusive dining area offers families a chance to enjoy a meal together with their cherished loved ones. Additionally, families can arrange catering from our kitchen for added convenience.

Private Dining

Every room is private, generously sized, featuring ensuites, and equipped with built-in robes for residents' convenience and comfort.

Private Rooms

On Site at Warramunda


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