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At Warramunda, we offer a diverse range of care options tailored to individual needs, whether it's respite or permanent care. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding and assisting you through this journey, ensuring that you receive the personalized and attentive care you deserve.

Central to our ethos is creating a welcoming space that feels like home, where your family and friends are always encouraged to visit. We prioritize meeting your unique needs and providing unwavering support to both you and your loved ones. As a resident, you'll have access to a wide range of health, wellbeing programs, and engaging activities to enhance your experience.

Our qualified staff is adept at assisting with daily living, guaranteeing that your care requirements are met with diligence. With 24/7 access to proficient Registered Nurses, bolstered by local medical facilities and after-hours support through Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), your continuous care remains our utmost priority. We understand the emotional challenges that transitioning to aged care can bring, and we're here to offer comprehensive support, from the application and admission process to helping you settle comfortably into your new home.

What Does Warramunda Offer?

Our round-the-clock health care includes specialised visits by Podiatrists, Nutritionists, Optometrists, GPs, Audiologists, and Emotional Support services for comprehensive care.

Health Services

Residents at Warramunda engage in diverse daily group exercises, regular bus outings, and varied leisure activities for an enriching lifestyle.

Leisure and Lifestyle

Indulge in our exquisite Nutritionist-approved Dining Experience. Our Qualified Chefs craft delightful 3-course meals, including morning and afternoon tea.


Discover our in-house salon. With experienced hairdressers. We also offer personalised nail care, and pampering services for a refreshing, fashionable makeover.

Personal Care & Wellbeing

Warramunda Residential Care


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